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  •  Phone: +393387819740
  •  Str Malcoci 3, 051921 , Bucarest, Romania
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Contact us to have any informations about our projects, or to ask for a free quote about your business ideas. You will be answered as soon as possible. Thanks!.

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 This term is used to define an eliquid with no chemical addiction. Each flavor used is a natural extract from plant, vegetable, fruit. It does not contain any artificial or synthetic additives.
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 We buy nicotine only from certified companies, who guarantees its pure grade. It means that you can be sure that if you vapo a 9 mg/ml nicotine eliquid, it will has inside 9mg for each ml. When you vapor a non pure nicotine, as in many chinese or not guaranteed products you will never be sure about how many nicotine you will find for each ml of eliquid.
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 Our eliquids are totally Made in Italy. Labs are in Milano, flavors are bought in Italy and are italians too. Only high quality system of production are used for Elixir International eliquids and other products like cosmetic and skin care.
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 We only send free samples of our products to companies who can document their project or prospect us how many products they are interested in buy. No shipments to private or anonymous requester.
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 We ship worldwide, searching for distribution companies interested to represent our product on their country.
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 Yes we do, but contact us only for high quantities. We can't produce less than 10.000 units for private label orders.
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