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We produce respecting all the highest standard of quality, from the bottle to the ingredients, creating only top eliquids for e-cig market.

Elixir International guarantees the content of their liquid free from diacetilene , parabens and weights. All of our products are routinely accompanied by a leaflet and certificates of analysis on the quality of the content, allowing us to provide the end customer a quality product which meets all the upper and strict regulations on hygiene and safety.

Propylene Glycol

• PE - European Pharmacopoeia
• USP - United States Pharmacopoeia
• JP -Japanese Pharmacopoeia
• US FCC - United States Food Chemical Codex
• Pure at minimum 99,5%
• NOT classified as dangerous

Vegetable glycerine
• Pharma grade certified
• PE - European Pharmacopoeia
• E422 Food Grade Standard
• Pure at minimum 99,5%
• NOT classified as dangerous

• UE - European Nicotine
• PE - European Pharmacopoeia
• USP - United States Pharmacopoeia
• FDA - USA Food and Drugs administation
• US FCC - United States Food Chemical Codex
• Pure more than 99%

• Food grade aroma
• Made in Italy

organic eliquid elixir


  • Research and Development

    We constantly improve our efforts to produce in a high quality environment new eliquids flavors, working only with top quality partners worldwide. Each month a new solution to boost Elixir eliquids catalog as one of the richest in the market.

  • Production Process

    Once we found the right mix and flavors we design our packages and labels thinking about regulamentations and top level graphic solutions. Quality of the flavor and its image both are absolutly important for us and our customers.

  • Sales

    To improve sales of our eliquids we provide to our customers a full set of solutions with flyers, posters, roll-up, newsletter promo and solutions on demand. Our marketing staff work each month on a different solution studied to improve sales.

Nicotine levels

Pharma certified and pure european nicotine UE/USP in 4 graduations

0 mg/ml nicotine
6 mg/ml nicotine
9 mg/ml nicotine
18 mg/ml nicotine

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Posters for each one of our new product will be make available to be printed and distributed online by download option.


Flyers will be inserted in each shipped order box to complete service to our retailers network. 


Monthly or weekly newsletter service to inform about news, promotions and opportunities from our eliquids catalog.

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